Blood Safety Solutions

Blood Safety Solutions

Blood is a very precious national medical resource . As compared with general drugs, the requirement for storage temperature for blood is more stringent. Storage temperature shall be constantly controlled within the range of 4±2°C. Storage at higher or lower temperature and temperature fluctuation will affect the quality of
blood products, which may affect the treatment performance for patients or, in a worse case, threaten the lives of patients.


The quality of blood products is substantially relies on the cryopreservation management including blood collection, preparation, storage,transportation and distribution. After launch of professional medical-use blood refrigerators, we have introduced blood cryopreservation monitoring the solutions supported by our hardware and software, which mainly based on our U-COOL® cryopreservation control platform [in order to facilitate cryopreservation management and safe storage of blood during the processes from collection, preparation,storage, logistics and distribution, which satisfy the needs for entire cryopreservation management and monitoring for blood.Under different application scenarios such as blood collection vehicles, blood transportation vehicles and blood banks, we provide [different network structures and organization approaches to support real-time temperature and humidity monitoring, control and warning for blood products throughout the entire process.

In order to further enhance the safety of blood for medical use, we have participated in the drafting of the national standard for cryopreservation boxes,GB/T 21278-2007 and the industry standard of YY/T 0168-2007.We have also launched automated plasma bank for blood centers, through which frozen plasma can be automatically stored and retrieved with the use of mechanic arm under cryo environment of -30°C, eliminating the adverse effects on the quality of stored plasma caused by the fluctuation of storage temperature due to staff entry and exit,achieving the automatic locating, checking and examination for frozen plasma storage and retrieval and thus enhancing the efficiency and safety.


U-Cool® cryopreservation monitoring platform

U-Cool® cryopreservation monitoring platform is a management platform that can help users to develop multi-tier management with various terminals in order to monitor the temperature of devices and send warnings.Users can implement categorized management by setting up the visitor authority mechanism in terms of [levels,districts, device terminals and functions]. The software can demonstrate analysis through images, maps and tracks, which facilitate more efficient administration and monitoring. Users can also preset their own alert models with various levels and set timers for sending warnings. Moreover, the software is equipped with WeChat platform. Users can make real-time enquires, monitor the operation of devices and receive notifications via WeChat. As of the Latest Practicable Date our solution has been applied in more than 70,000 devices in drugs,vaccines, samples, blood, reagents and other fields since 2009 to enable end-to-end cryopreservation monitoring and management.




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